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Level 2 NVQ In Passive Fire Protection

Course name: Level 2 NVQ In Passive Fire Protection

Level: Level 2

Price: £995 + vat

Duration: Est: 1 day - Fast Track

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Level 2 NVQ In Passive Fire Protection

The Level 2 NVQ Passive Fire Protection course offered by JM Passive Fire Protection is perfect for people looking to take their first steps into a career in passive fire protection and for people with some practical experience looking to enhance that experience with a qualification.

This course involves classroom learning, on-hands practical work in a practice environment in our academy and on-site where you will be monitored by an assessor, who’ll be judging your competence, knowledge, and skills in the field.

Your performance will be reviewed against the National Occupational Standards, and, once qualified, you will be able to work in passive fire protection in several construction industries.

What Does Level 2 NVQ Passive Fire Protection Involve?

Not only is this course meant to provide the perfect environment for those new to the industry to get hands-on learning, it will also validate the skills that candidates already have, and, with the help of an assessor, enable learners to further their knowledge and brush up on key components of the practice.

This course is fully practical, meaning that there is no written work or written examinations that need to be completed to pass. The assessment is based purely on the candidate’s ability to provide practical demonstrations of fireproofing. Therefore, academic skills like spelling and grammar are not relevant to this course.


A minimum of 2 years passive fire protection is required for this course.



Those who do not have the necessary experience are invited to attend the our Level 1 Introduction into Passive Fire Protection Course  Рwhich offers vital knowledge , skills and experience for on site proficiency with the facilities in the academy.

Please contact Clare for further information  07908780307

Required practical ability includes:

  • Correct usage of PPE
  • The ability to use equipment such as power tools and scaffold towers
  • Risk assessment compliance
  • Up-to-date on current regulations
  • Recording and labelling completed work accordingly

Course Curriculum

Throughout the course, learners will be taught how to perform an array of common passive fire protection jobs, and then use these skills to perform them under observation. Several mandatory units must be completed during this course, as well as some additional options, which include:

Required Modules:

  • Handling, moving, and storing resources in the workplace
  • Erecting/dismantling of working/access platforms
  • Workplace conforming to productive working practices
  • Workplace conforming to general health, welfare, and safety

Additional Modules:

  • Fire stopping in the workplace installation
  • Fire resisting ductwork systems installation
  • Fire resisting walls and lining erection
  • Fire resisting timber doorsets installation
  • Dry cladding installation
  • Workplace installing cavity barriers
  • Fire resisting ceiling systems erection
  • Non-reactive spray coatings application
  • Workplace applying intumescent coatings

Assessment Process

The assessment process is completed throughout the training course using Onsite Assessment and Training (OSAT). Not only will candidates be taught how to install such components as cavity barriers, fire-resisting ductwork systems, and dry cladding, but learners will also be monitored along the way by an onsite assessor.

Throughout the course, an assigned assessor will visit the training centre regularly and monitor the candidate’s process at such tasks as erecting fire-resisting walls, installing ceiling systems, and other routine fireproofing jobs. During these visits, the assessor will collect substantial evidence relating to the candidate’s ability in providing Level 2 quality fireproofing.

Throughout the course, the assessor will also regularly quiz candidates on certain topics relating to Passive Fire Protection Level 2, to ensure that the candidate can verbally communicate how to provide fire protection as well as deliver it through practical demonstration.

Once the assessor has collected sufficient evidence, the portfolio will be reviewed by the assessment team at JMPFP. If approved, JM Passive Fire Protection will apply for the candidate’s certification.


This fire-stopping course typically lasts around 3 months. However, this depends on how quickly the assessor can gather enough evidence to prove the candidate’s ability. Where the more advanced may complete the course within 2 months, others may take 6 months or more to prove their capability.

In addition to this, the course may take longer depending on how regularly the candidate can visit the JMPFP training centre.


Contact us for further information & to see if government funding is available for you.

Why Sit a Level 2 NVQ Passive Fire Protection Course With JMPFP?

Can be done entirely onsite

JM Passive Fire Protection makes it easy for candidates to attain this award, by combining the training with the assessment process. The course takes place entirely within JMPFP’s onsite training centre, making it easy for candidates to complete.


Once a candidate’s portfolio has been approved by the in-house review team, JMPFP will apply for a certificate on the candidate’s behalf, which should arrive within 1 month of course completion.

Apply for a CSCS Skilled Worker card

Upon successful completion of Level 2 NVQ, candidates can apply for a blue CSCS card. If a blue card is required during the course, candidates can apply for a temporary Experienced Worker card, which is the red card.


After attaining Level 2, candidates may have the option to enroll in an NVQ Level 3 course. Alternatively, attaining a Level 2 NVQ will open up candidates’ career opportunities, and hopefully increase their earning potential. To put it in qualification terms, a Level 2 NVQ is equivalent to 5 GCSEs, ranging from grade A*-C depending on the learner’s final score.

Who Is This Level 2 NVQ Passive Fire Protection Course For?

The Level 2 NVQ Passive Fire Protection Course is for anyone who has experience in passive fire-stopping and would like to validate their skill set in the trade. Anyone can enroll in this course that is currently working as a passive fire protection professional and has between 2-3 years’ worth of experience.

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